Veronica's Personal Story

Hi Everyone, I'm Veronica and I leapt at the opportunity to share my story and keep the conversation of perimenopause going!  

I started getting symptoms in my mid 40s (I'm in my mid 50s now) and at first I thought I was losing my mind!  I had a brain fog like I experienced during my first pregnancy and I just could not seem to keep on top of things for the family or work.  

When the first hot flush hit I wondered what was going on!  I started googling for answers and was confused a bit by many articles and had trouble getting some straight answers.  

It's so good to start more conversations on perimenopause and I hope other people will share their stories too.

I am now well on the other side of menopause but do still have hot flushes from time to time.

All the best!


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